Contribution to the revival of Castel Sant’Angelo sul Nera

Contribution to the revival of Castel Sant’Angelo sul Nera, for the donation of Stefano Ciocchetti‘s photo shoots: “Lago di Pilato” and “Tentacoli”.

The association A concrete help for Castelsantangelo sul Nera has different objectives, short and long breath.

Immediate support for residents residing in the country since October 26, residents forced to live in caravans under precarious conditions.
Help the breeders, kneeling by an endless seismic swarm that has destroyed their stables and caused a large number of leakages among their animals during the winter, immense pain and economic damage as great. Helping economic activities reopen. Currently in Castelsantangelo on the Black we have only an open gas station, Troticulture, and the Nerea Water Factory. Everything else is strictly closed for total or partial collapse. Food, bars, restaurants, and B & Bs are all tight. If our country will not be helped to a small economic recovery, the fate will certainly be depopulation.

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