The main activity of Resett Engineering  is the production of filters for air purification. Our company currently reaches an amount of around 10,000,000 units per year,  amount that can be easily overcome thanks to advanced technologies (robotization) applied to production lines and operational flexibility, which is the fundamental element of our business strategies. The production takes place on an area of about 6,000 square meters with modern equipments, with presses for molding of plastics and automated machines for the subsequent processing. We have a laboratory for the certification of purchased materials to ensure to all production phases the highest quality level, which is a guarantee for  consumers.


Resett Engineering, born as an individual company in 1974, has thirty years experience in the design and production of filters for purification of the domestic, industrial and automotive sectors. We started our activity with an exclusive patent for the application of the filter with active carbons in kitchen hoods and then we expanded in the manufacture of products made of plastic material, electrical wiring and equipments. Lately we also started producing small appliances for air purification. The continuous innovative process has as main purpose the total satisfaction of the customer with an excellent price-quality ratio. Our quality standards are very high but thanks to our experience we can remain extremely competitive in today’s market.